A New Musical By Stephanie Bianchi and Eric C. Webb

You've hit your bottom, so smoke 'em if you got 'em


When Kate's seemingly perfect life is shattered after her fiance breaks up their engagement just weeks before their wedding, she thinks she can take a crash course through the five stages of grief in time to win her man back and not lose her catering deposit. Grasping at the straws of yoga, self-help books and even (gasp) CHURCH, Kate finds that the expectations and limitations the world is putting on her is nothing but Bullshit (no really, there's a song called "Bullshit").

Breakup is a story of experiencing your worst fears, hitting rock bottom, rising from the ashes, and discovering how to create happiness on your own terms. This hilarious yet poignant tale of one woman’s awakening wrapped in big Broadway tunes, with lyrics wry and witty, brings to the jilted lover in all of us a chance to laugh at ourselves and learn how to overcome. 




Eric is the Director of Creative Development for Davenport Theatrical Enterprises and Literary Manager for March Forth Productions as well as a writer and freelance dramaturg.

For Davenport Theatrical, Eric scouts and aids in developing new stage and film properties as well as providing script consultation and educational programming for the playwriting community. He also acts as curator for the annual Davenport Song Competition and 10 Minute Play Contest.

Writing projects in development include Taking Step Three13 (a rock/rap adaptation of "Crime and Punishment" with composer Matt Doers, developed at the 2015 Johnny Mercer Colony at Goodspeed Musicals and the 2015 Rhinebeck Writers Retreat), Breakup - The Musical (an irreverent new musical with composer Stephanie Bianchi), Thompson/Gifford (a Gothic chamber musical), and Borrowed. Previous writing credits include Orion (short film, produced by Second Star NYC), The Angels of Mons (March Forth Productions/Horsetrade at Theater Under St. Marks),  Ubu - a twisted puppet show co-adapted from Jarry's Ubu Roi, Playwriting is EasyClown, and Strange Currencies.  

Literary Management/Dramaturgy credits include Literary Management for La Vie Productions (2009-2013), Associate Literary Manager for the 2008 John Gassner New Play Festival, Dramaturg for Stephen Sondheim’s Young Playwrights Inc. (2008 – present), Un-American Activities (new musical by William Norman), Escape From Happiness and Lynn Nottage's Las Meninas (directed by Talvin Wilks). 

Eric received his MFA in Dramaturgy & Literary Management from Stony Brook University (2008).




Stephanie has been a board-certified music therapist, grief counselor, and music coach for over 15 years.  She is also an accomplished voiceover actor, teacher, musician, and former comedy radio show host, and has been a musical theatre nerd her whole life.  After years of helping her clients achieve their dreams in various capacities, she decided it was finally time to pursue hers in the form of writing a musical, and she moved to New York in 2013 to do just that.  Using her own experience as a breakup-ee, she dug deep to bring the grueling process of grief to light with humor and sweetness in her absurdist musical, Breakup